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 As genuine recruitment experts in the lighting, controls and electrical products sectors we believe we are best suited to offer you the best recruitment solution possible whether you’re a business looking to recruit or looking for advice on your next career move. Our business has been built on building a reputation as the best recruiters in our chosen sectors so dedicate our attention to the few niche sectors we cover so we can provide the very best industry specialist advice..

Success only Recruitment

With a combined experience of 20 years recruiting in the lighting and electrical markets servicing the building services industry, we have a contact base of thousands of market specialists from engineers through sales professionals, senior managers and Director level contacts we can access. Because of this huge network of contacts we are able to give you quick free feedback on how available candidates are to match your role profile. This feedback can then help you make informed decisions on salary, location and whether you would like to recruit on a success only basis or employ our more extensive search / headhunt service. Whichever service you feel you want you can be completely confident we will work on your behalf in the way you want us to. Be this recruiting "under the radar" keeping your business name confidential until you are comfortable or making the market aware you are expanding and broadcast the good news on your behalf.

Executive Search / Headhunting

As an independent market specialist we are able to offer a genuine full market headhunt on roles other recruiters may not feel capable of. We understand we are not only recruiting for you today but investing in our relationship for the future so if this means helping you with a hard to fill lower level role we have the flexibility to do this in the knowledge once our clients have used us for the headhunting service the vast majority of the time, they ask us to employ this service again. to find out more on what the headhunting / industry search involves click on the Executive Search tab at the top of the page or call our team on 0203 633 4323 for a confidential conversation.

Career advice

If you’re looking for honest feedback on whether you can do better than your current role and/or package we will be more than happy to give you the most up to date feedback on the state of the market. This feedback will consider you and your achievements, and not just the going rate for someone of your job title. For example a sales professional in the LED Market delivering £1,000,000 of new business will be able to command a much greater salary than that of a counterpart delivering half that. We can also advice engineers on moves in allied markets that maybe experiencing a skills shortage and hiring engineers with transferable skills. And if you are currently in a Directorial role and want to discreetly get feedback on how your competitors may value your skills we are well versed on making this kind of confidential approach.




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