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Managing Director Headhunted - Lighting Specific

The client who remains confidential due to the significance of the hire, is a leading player within the LED Lighting industry, required a new Managing Director to help drive its next phase of growth within the UK

What can you learn from this case study?


You will see how our Headhunting team helped one our clients find a very high calibre candidate who ultimately wasn’t looking to move, ensuring that the industries top talent was provided to interview:


  • Researching the market extensively
  • Presenting the target list of companies
  • Identifying the specific skill set required
  • Targeting only those individuals who could make a difference
  • Presenting a shortlist of those identified for the role



A leading player within the LED Lighting industry, who is purely focused on providing the highest quality engineered product for their clients. They’re ahead of their competitors in terms of product innovation




To find an individual who can help take the company through its next phase of development and growth. Our client was looking for an individual who already knew the wholesale industry inside out with a strong background in lighting and a thorough understanding of profit and loss, coupled with the ability to increase revenue and ultimately turnover.


In essence, the role is full responsibility for the business and ensure its growth continues.


This hire was deemed to extremely pivotal to the business by the CEO. Based in the UK, the candidate would work from the office tasked with developing the business across all areas – R&D, Sales, Marketing and logistics. The particular emphasis is on growth and shaping of the company in order to sustain itself once the imminent growth occurs. Our client was looking for an individual who possessed the right set of skills and attitude to undertake the challenge. Although a strong background in lighting was deemed important, the experience of the individual was key, a proven track record of building and manging businesses - therefore a true headhunt search was paramount to ensure that the right candidate was found. 




A Specific team, who are Specialist in Headhunting within the Electrical / Lighting sectors to source - A talented Managing Director with specialist experience in the Electrical Wholesale and Lighting market who could not only develop and maintain the business, but could also successfully grow the turnover through strategic planning and marketing.




The ideal candidate for the role would be an experienced managing director or a sales / commercial directo looking to make that step up. They would need to have a good understanding of lighting, coupled with an LIF certificate. An entrepreneurial spirit and self-motivated attitude would be key with an unrivalled desire to learn, develop and coach others to become successful. The Ideal grounding would be someone who has started as a Technical Engineer moving into Sales and then through to a Director level role.

Using our contacts that have been developed over a 20 year period of working within the Lighting, Electrical and Controls market. We were able to identify candidates who had everything required.




Knowing your client: With the lighting market being very niche and the desire to increase their market share, it meant that we had to purely focus on candidates who portrayed the key personality traits identified by our client, in ideal world these candidates would also have a strong knowledge and contact base within the wholesale arena, coupled with a technical knowledge of lighting products.




This stage of the headhunting process involves initially researching all of the organisations that have a presence in the UK that supply Wholesalers with Lighting and any associated products that might give the individual the correct application and market knowledge. Once this research has been undertaken a full list of the businesses we intended to approach was supplied to the client to review in order to remove any organisations they did not wish to recruit from.


Upon approval we researched the organisations concerned using a variety of techniques centralising around our market knowledge to identify the individuals within those businesses that may possess the relevant competencies, market knowledge and contacts required. 

We then made contact with every single candidate identified via a direct approach promoting the opportunity to gain maximum interest. From those that expressed an interest, a long list was formed for us to do the initial screening of candidates that involved undertaking competency based interviews in order to determine a short list of those that best matched the requirements of our client.




After our extensive screening process we presented a select number of pre-selected candidates to our client, all of whom matched the requirements, but at the same time offered something different so that comparisons could be made as to whom fitted the role best. In terms of personality and culture as well as market knowledge and experience.


"Simply excellent, the search was conducted in a confidential manner as requested and all information was shared throughout the process, keeping us informed of the progress. We look forward to using Lighting Recruitment again once our new MD sets their strategy for growth"

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